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The Executive Search Agent

Recruiting professionals in the construction and
engineering sectors.
This is our professional permanent search service. Executive search takes time, consideration and considerable attention to detail. 

Unlike contingency recruitment, candidates will only be making a decision to move every few years or once, and it is important to them and client hirers alike that they make the right decision for both their career objectives and the business objectives of the client hirer.
We manage the process for client hirers and client applicants with discretion and complete attention to detail ensuring the correct hire for both parties. If the hire is not the right fit, this has a detrimental effect on both parties, we work hard at every stage of the process to ensure we deliver a professional service.

We take pride in receiving repeat business from our client hirers.
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We are not on the outside looking in, we are in there with you.


What Makes Us Different?
The most common complaints of hiring managers are "they are all the same, these agency reps"; "you see them once with their rate sheets and company merchandise, then you never see them again, especially if there's a problem, come to site? No chance! Call their office? They are away from their desk".
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We take pride in being involved in our clients' projects rather than just raise invoices.

We spend over 50% of the week site-based with our customers. We have years of experience in managing services on-site, and face to face. 

Problems with staff DO arise contrary to the "nothing ever goes wrong" sales mantra you will have heard time and time again.

For the benefit of our clients and candidates alike, if there is a problem, we are always available to work to resolve the problem swiftly.
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