Trades Applicants

ESA Trades knows the value of skilled trades people.To us you are valued both as a client worker and as where we place you (our client hirer).

We take as much detail from client hirers as possible to make sure we give you an accurate account of the exact role, the exact contract duration and description of site. We will also have visited the site itself in most cases.
  • If we say the contract is 22 weeks, it is 22 weeks
  • We will tell you exactly at what stage the project is
  • If there are challenges on site, we will make you aware of them
  • If you have any specific questions to which we don't have the answer, we will ask the client hirer and give you the answer before your arrival on site
  • We will keep in touch with you throughout the contract
  • In most cases, we will meet you on site as we spend over 50% of the working week visiting sites.
We pay all our client workers in the correct way, adhering strictly to HMRC Guidelines, retaining expert partners to ensure you are given the correct advice and up-to-date information.

We take great pride in rehiring previous trades applicants as this means we are considered a trusted and professional company.

If you ever need help or advice whilst working on our assignments, we are always available to you and if we say we will get back you, we will.
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ESA Management Team

ESA Management team has many years of experience in recruiting both construction and engineering managers on contingency contracts for our clients.

We take as full a brief as absolutely possible regarding your project for the benefit of client hirers and client management applicants alike. This is crucial to achieving the correct match of manager and project. We ask the right questions.


• Are you looking for a project manager or a site manager? These two roles are often confused and CVs can be misleading.

• What aspect of the project is the manager to be responsible for? If all, what is the whole scheme value? If for a specific package, what is it and what is the package value?

• What specific key skills and experience are required?

• What is the reporting structure?

• Is the project on time and on budget? Are there any specific challenges?


• Is the candidate to manage all of the engineering process on the production/manufacturing floor?

• Is the candidate to manage a specific stand-alone project?

• Do you have specific lean manufacturing and safety targets which must be met? If so, which specific qualifications and experiences do you require?

• Which Engineering trade background is required?

ESA Trades makes absolutely sure that for the benefit of client hirers and client applicants alike, every candidate presented is the closest match to the project as possible.

Civil Engineering

ESA Trades understands the challenges our clients face on site, whether they be working on land reclamation/ remediation or light/heavy civil infrastructure projects.

We understand the several different trade specialisms in Civil Engineering. When we visit the site, we will ask the right questions, we will take away a full detailed brief of your project - phase by phase - to discuss with contractor tradespeople ensuring our client gets the right specialism and our trades applicant is placed in the correct role.

We carry out thorough trades referencing. Trades cards are very generic in skill sets and are not relied upon solely when recruiting for clients.
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Shortlisting and the Curriculum Vitae - How We View Cvs

The CV is, in essence, a sales document, a year's salary bank note. Its sole purpose is to sell us as a product to a prospective employer.

Most of us have been guilty at one time or another of overselling ourselves, listing all our experiences as specialisms and key skills, indeed some people may de-skill themselves in their CV in order to better fit the profile of the role applied for.

Only CV interrogation by discussion and referencing can unpick the CV to reveal the real person behind it.

We present our clients with candidates, not CVs.

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